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Rain water leaks into passenger side

For about 4 months now, water has been leaking into the passenger side of my truck. I popped off the kick panel near the door and poured water down the windshield near the bottom. Water comes out of a small hole in the metal behind the kick panel. Any ideas on how to fix? 2005 GMC Sierra v6

If you have a sunroof start there and work your way down, with a garden hose watching for signs of infiltration. I hate water, try and keep it out it gets in, try and keep it in it gets out.

No sunroof. It’s when i pour water near the bottom of the windshield. Thanks for the reply.

There might be a leak in the trough at the bottom of the windshield where the wiper linkage is located.

Usually the wiper arms are removed first, then the hood is opened to gain access to the screws that secure the cowel at the base of the windshield. When cowel is removed you then can see if a drain hole is plugged with debris or if there’s leak in the trough itself.


Alright I will try that tomorrow. Thank you for the advice.

How should I unplug the drain hole if it’s plugged up?

You usually put a latex glove on, and scoop up all the dead leaves and whatever else is plugging the drain hole, and then run water thru the drain hole until it’s clear.


I ended up pulling off the cowl. There is a big opening in the middle underneath. It wasnt plugged so far as i could see. Poured water down it and it didnt come out of the hole behind the kick panel. I’m not sure where else to look.

I think I figured it out. Water seemed to have been going into the seal where the wires go from the cab to the door. We will see when it rains tomorrow.