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2000 S10 with a leaking door?

OK here is my dilemma, it rained all day yesterday & last night I went out to my truck & when I opened the passenger door about a ? gallon of water comes rushing out! My truck is in really great shape for it?s age, no rust & I checked the seals around the door & they seem good, so today I take a picture of water & pour over the top of the door & nothing? The water was standing near the back of the floor where the seat belt bolts to the floor. Is there anyone out there with a s10 or blazer that has had such issues?

This sounds as though the drain holes in the bottom of the door are plugged.

Was this a truck with the 3rd door? I have seen those doors not latch on the top.

Time to get out the hose/

My 2000 Blazer had a leak in the firewall/inner cowl seam. I found it by running water into the windshield cowl while checking under the dash with a flashlight. I could see the water running down the seam under the carpet padding and coming up through the carpet.

Ed B.

2 dr

Thanks guys, I am in the process of checking the cowl & drain holes. Ed if it is the cowl seam how much trouble was it?

The dealer fixed the leaky seam for me, otherwise I would have used a bead of silicone caulk/sealer to fix the seam. The hardest part is finding the leak, but you already know that.

Ed B.

Yeah this is driving me CRAZY! I took the cowl vent off & have poured water down it & it looks like the water drained from under the truck, I guess this weekend I will get someone to help & use the hose for more pressure.

Ed, did you have to remove any of the dashboard to access anything?

I didn’t have to remove anything. I used a garden hose to run a continous stream of water into the cowl vent while I looked underneath the dash with a flashlight. The light reflected off the water that was trickling through the seam. The previous owner was in an accident and the bumper and fender had been replaced on that side.

Ed B.

You might try the belt moulding. That is the rubber strip wear the glass meets the door panel, it’s at your belt level (unless you have already tried that).

Thanks! all the molding looks good, I believe it’s probably the cowl vent, I will find out for sure this weekend…

crazy, weird or just lucky! we had a ton of rain the past few days & it didn’t leak! now I’ll just have to keep my fingers crossed!