Water leaks inside car

I have 2004 Buick Lesabre. When it rains, water gets inside. It comes in under the molding at the bottom of the door opening. Front driver side is worst. I have run water over the door and other places but I cannot get it to leak. It seems to happen only when it rains.

Spray the wheel well and underneath the rocker panel where water on the road would get kicked up by the tires…you could also open the door and look forward into the fender area. Can you see any holes where kicked up water could enter?

You might also check the firewall for any detoriating grommets.Under the floor pan for missing rubber plugs.

Are you certain it doesn’t come in from under the dash? Might be a good idea to check the drain tube in the cowl just in case.

If it comes in under / through the door - is the molding between the outside bottom edge of the door window and door in good shape?

If you have a sunroof, check the drains for clogging.

Water gets in when the car is parked. Thanks for your reply.

No sunroof. Thanks

I’m not sure where the drain tube in the cowl is.

The water is come underneath the molding on the door frame. It is not on the door.


Try spraying the water on the windshield to see if it leaks inside the car

If it does, the drain holes in the windshield wiper trough are plugged.

The wiper arms and the air inlet cowl at the base of the windshield will have be removed to gain access to the trough to clean the drain holes, and to inspect for rust holes.


Ok, I’m not sure… I have an 05 Lesabre and would like to help. But I can’t imagine water coming up from underneath between where the door meets the floor with the car sitting still. Maybe it’s going through the door- where the window glass meets the door frame? Should be rubber molding there.

What Tester said is what I was referring to when I said “cowl”.

My brother had the misfortune to own a Datsun SPL-311, and I had the misfortune in ride in it fairly often. When it rained, water POURED onto the passenger’s leg any time that it rained. While an under-dash leak is probably not as obvious in other models, this is still something to consider for the OP.

I can tell you with 99.99% accuracy where this car is leaking. GM put out a Technical Service Bulletin to help their technicians locate leaks, as you describe, in that era of Bonnevilles and LeSabres. I’m 1500 miles from my bulletin access right now or I’d pull it.

The water is dripping/running from the door between the door shell (big heavy steel part of door) and the vinyl upholstered door interior trim panel.
Why do they start leaking? Between the trim panel and door shell is plastic water deflector membrane that is sealed to the door shell with butyl (sticky) ribbon/rope and as water comes through the door window slot it channels the water to the drains in the bottom of the door shell. Sometimes, after several/many years, a void will develop where the butyl no longer seals properly. Then water gets to the interior trim.

With trim panel removed, you can see the black butyl sealant between the water deflector and door.

The fix is fairly easy, especially with an inexpensive trim panel clip remover. Screws are removed from the arm rest and possibly the door handle, the panel clips pried free and the panel removed (after unplugging door wiring). New butyl ribbon is applied and the membrane resealed. An auto glass company or body shop will probably sell you (or give you) a strip of butyl ribbon/rope.

To check this out, I’d wait for the rain to cause a leak, and then before everything can dry out, check that bottom edge of the interior trim panel carefully for drips or evidence of where water ran. You can even dab with a tissue and see if it is dampened.

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