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Wet Floor on Driving Side!

I have notice every time it rains the floor on we’re I drive is wet I could see it leaking by the Fuse box. Anybody know to fix it? Need help anybody.

I’ve Not Heard Of A Junior 408. Is It A 2-Door Or 4-Door ?
What Is The Model-Year ?
Many Of These Leaks Are Make, Model, Model-Year Specific.

I’m new to this sorry I forgot to post it and it’s a 2001 Poniac Grand Am 2 door

Also does it have a sun roof?

Yes it does have a sun roof.

The leak may be from the trough for the wiper linkage below the windshield. The body seams in this area are sealed with a body caulk. Sometimes this body caulk separates from the body and opens up the seam allowing water inside the vehicle. Or there may be a rust hole.

To gain access to this area, remove the wiper arms. Then remove the hardware that secures the cowel at the base of the windshield. Remove the cowel and you’re at the trough for the wiper linkage.


thanks a lot im going to try fix the problem. Hopefully everything comes out good.

is this exactly what the problem of my car has ?? I’m just trying to confirm it .

All above good ideas. There are probably air vents on the top of the hood (usually near the windshield) which allow fresh air into the passenger compartment, & rain can and will get into those. But the rain isn’t supposed to go into the passenger compartment of course. There is a drain system in the air path, so that any water that gets in, it drains to the outside, not the inside. But sometimes these drains get blocked with leaves and other debris, which cause the water to go into the passenger compartment. If you look around, from both inside the car, from the engine compartment near the firewall, and under the car, eventually you’ll probably find the vent and can tell if it is blocked or not.

Sometimes rain getting into the doors through the windows can cause this too. The window seals, even when the window is fully up, can’t keep out all the rain. Open the door. If you look under the door now, you’ll see some drain openings. See if they are plugged or not.

Automatic Or Manual ?

GM says that a driver’s side water leak on these GAs can come from around the grommet where the shift cable goes through the firewall.