Rain water in tailgate 2005 Honda Odyssey

This has happened a couple of times now. After a heavy rain, when I opened the tailgate, water came running out the latch at the bottom of the tailgate and in a couple of other places at the bottom. But mostly where the latch is. The rubber seals seem ok…so just wondered if anyone had any idea where the water could be entering from. This model has the small type spoiler at the top of the tailgate. Wondered if it could be there.

I know I need to take it in as don’t want water getting in there and having rusts issues. Just looking to see if you experts have any ideas what the problem might be.


Water always gets inside doors and tailgates. They are not sealed. There are holes at the bottom for it to drain out. Look around the perimeter when the tail gate is open, you should see them. They can become clogged with debris. Fish some plastic string trimmer line up through them to open it back up although they may clog again in short order if you can’t get the junk to come out with the water…