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2020 Subaru Crosstrek - Rain gets in

After a heavy rain, opened the driver’s door and water started pouring out from the bottom front of the door. Dealer said that they could not reproduce the problem. Should I be concerned. Car is brand new.



if water pours out of the door, there may be a blockage in the door drains. You could run hose water on the drivers side window to simulate heavy rain, then open the door and see if you get the same problem. If not, try the windshield. BTW, do you get water inside the driver’s foot well, or does the water all dump on the ground?

Just pours on the ground. No water within the car.

It’s time to “kick it up a notch” by contacting the manufacturer.
Contact info can be found in your Owner’s Manual.
The manufacturer can almost always “motivate” a recalcitrant dealership to do the right thing.

Since the car is new have you driven it the rain before this time? My thinking is if you have it is normal for water to get in the door every time it rain’s the drain’s may have been stopped up till it got enough water slossing around to clear them then the dealer probeley used jtsanders method but it was already cleared that would be why they could not reproduce it.

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Did you have this car rustproofed? That will sometimes plug the door drains? {n any event, if you look at the bottom of the door from underneath, the location of the drains will be evident. The largest zip tie that will easily slide in and out is a good tool to keep them clean and it won’t damage the paint and start rust like a coat hanger can.

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I don’t think your door drains are the problem here. The door maybe misaligned or have suffered major damage during shipment which causes the door to rub against the sill, blocking the drains when the door is closed but allowing the door to drain when opened.

But it could also have been some kind of packing material used for shipping that didn’t get removed during prep and the rainwater that built up in the door sort of flushed it out. Do look for a piece of stuck tape on the bottom of the door. Check your other doors as well.

The door window, since it goes up and down, that seal is water resistant but not entirely water-proof. When it rains some water always gets past that seal and goes inside the door. The car’s designers accept that as a fact and design the door so that water that gets past the seal just goes down inside the door and back out again through holes they’ve placed at the very bottom of the door. For this to work the holes in the bottom of the door have to remain freely draining, and there has to be a little space between the bottom of the door and the car’s sill when the door is closed to allow the water inside the door to exit to the outside through the door’s drain holes. My Corolla has a sort of plastic plate attached to the sill which has channels molded in it for that purpose.