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Locked Radio

I have a 99 Bonneville and had to change the battery and now the radio is locked. I have never heard of this but it seems it is quite common. I called the 18005375140 phone # but the code I had was wrong. Does anyone have a current code or a different way to unlock the radio?

Yes, this happens quite often. There is equipment to keep the car’s electrical system energized while changing he battery, but lots of mechanics still disconnect the battery without asking if the customer has the security code for the radio.

A Pontiac dealer should be able to help you.

I conclude you were able to pull a code from the radio and you entered this code into the unlock service system and then they gave you a unlock code? Do you think you entered the code right? Are you now in a “waiting period” (a period that must time-out after repeated false code attempts)

Here is a Web site that will sell you your code for $2.99, using PayPal. I didn’t see a way using any other payment type. It give you the instructions for getting two sets of numbers from the display screen of your radio, to give to them, and they will email the security code to you:

How does this method prevent someone from re-enabling a stolen radio? If it in any way allows stolen radios to be re-enabled, I am completely against promoting it here.

I agree. It it’s that easy and inexpensive there is no protection for the vehicle owner, and no reason for the code in the first place.

I have no idea if this procedure is valid, but I found it with a fast google search.


  1. Press and hold presets 2 and 3 for about 5 to 10 seconds until you
    get 3 digits on your display. This is the first 3 of 6 digits you will
    need, so write 'em down.
  2. After doing step one and writing down the code, immediately press
    AM/FM button to get the last 3 of the 6 numbers you’ll need, and write
    ’em down. (if you wait too long between steps 1 and 2 and the LOC code
    displays again, just start over).
  3. Call this number, it’s a prerecorded message, so don’t worry about
    having to talk to anyone…1-800-537-5140. The voice will ask if
    calling for Chevy, Pontiac, Cadillac, etc… When you here him tell
    to press “2” for Pontiac, press 206010 and hit the # key. He’ll ask
    for the 6 digit code that you’ve written down. Enter that and press
  • key. He will then give you a code, and the option to get additional
    digit codes, but one should be sufficient.
  1. Follow the normal procedure in your owners manual for unlocking the
    radio with your new code…press the hour set button on your radio
    you get the first two numbers of the code, then press the minute set
    button until you’ve entered the last two numbers. Immediately press
    AM/FM button once the correct code is entered and the code SEC or
    "secured" will be displayed on the display screen. Now, just turn the
    radio on, and your ready to roll.
    There is an additional step you can take to remove all codes from the
    radio and start from scratch by entering your own personalized 4 digit
    code so that it won’t get you in a pickle again! Just repeat step 4
    you should get a display screen that reads —. This means the code is
    out, and you can now program your own code. Of course, once you
    the 4 digit code from the GM recorded message, just keep it in a safe
    place, because you can use that same code again and again should you
    have any more problems with it in the future. Good luck, and yes, it
    does work.

Think a lot of thieves are going after the factory radios from '99 Pontiacs these days, eh? The 50 dollar cd players that they sell at walmart are better.

After trying all those suggested ways, if they don’t work, then head for the dealer with a few dollars in your pocket and with the car in question. They should be able to get it unlocked for you. I would hope they ask to see ID/proff of ownership.

For the future, I suggest writing down the code and keep it someplace where YOU can find it if needed. I might also suggest making sure anyone buying a used car get that number.

I think the original intention was you had to show up at a dealership with proof of ownership to get the radio unlocked.

Mr Josh- I had a 90’s Grand Am some years back. It had a very good sound system. Many upgrade factory “radios” are quite capable sound systems worth far more than your example in both quality and price. I sure woudn’t want to see some schmuck getting the access code to my 6 disc BOSE system by paying $2.99 over the internet. Would you?

I worked for a company (Jimmy’s Radio)here in AZ that provided big 3 warranty radio support.I really got to like the unit in question,they were a pricey item,reliable (sometimes you could hear the fan on the CD) they did heat the CD’s up quite a bit,not real prone to skipping.I liked the big display.Easy to R+R (paid .6)I made good friends with the heavy line guys unlocking the radios they got locked up.