My cars radio won't turn off!

I have a 2004 ford Escape and the radio won’t turn off when the cars ignition is turned off. I have checked the interior lights and the windows and they turn off, so I’m assuming that the relay isn’t the problem. I have asked a ford mechanic what he might think it would be and he said it could be the radio, but I don’t think it is. Please help me out!

Some cars will allow the radio to receive power when the ignition switch is turned to off for about 10 minutes or until a door is opened. The problem may be in this circuit if this is the way the car is set up. Check your owner’s manual.
Your radio should have a means to turn it off while the car is running. Some people, including me, don’t like having the radio on while they drive. I use the radio rather sparingly–there isn’t much on the radio that appeals to me. If you can’t turn the radio off with the switch on the radio, then there really is a problem.
I think you need to take your car to a shop that specializes in electrical work.

How are you turning it off then? are you using the power button?. As Triedaq says “Some cars will allow the radio to receive power when the ignition switch is turned to off for about 10 minutes or until a door is opened.” Most cars do.

Do you have an aftermarket radio in the truck? If so, the installer didnt use the proper “switched 12V” wire to go to. If it is not an aftermarket system then it may be the relay that provides you with 12V power for a time or so after you switch off the truck… The ecu shuts this relay down after a set time limit…perhaps that timer function is not working properly…

It could still be the radio. Many modern radios get the bulk of their power through the unswitched power lead, and use the switched power lead to trigger the on/off circuit within the radio. A simple pulling of the radio and checking the power leads can point to the true problem.

My '04 Ford T’bird is set up so the radio continues to play after you turn off the ignition and even remove the key from the ignition. As soon as you open a door to exit the car, then the radio shuts off.

Are your interior lights coming on when you open the driver’s car door? If no, perhaps the switch in the door jam is defective. If the interioir lights operate properly when doors are opened and closed then your radio could have a defect if it stays on. If you can turn it off manually that’s what I’d do. Trying to fix it could cost a bunch of money for little benefit.

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You need to clarify the part about the radio not turning off. Do you mean that you can’t physically turn it off with the ON/OFF control on the radio or that it won’t turn off when opening the door?

If it’s the fomer there could be a problem with the ON/OFF control in the radio head; especially if that control uses a push button function to flip between ON and OFF. That would not be a rare problem and if so you would need another radio head unless you have the DIY ability to take the head apart and replace the switch.

I know this is old but in case this helps anyone else, I though I’d post. It took me months to find the source of this issue in my 2003. Locate and pull the accessory power relay. It’s in the inside cabin fuse box. Your manual labels it ACC in the diagram. In a 2003 Escape, it’s right in the center of the fise panel. Use a multimeter, set to measure ohms, to look for a closed circuit on the non-energized relay crossing pins 3 & 5. You SHOULD see NO connection. IF you DO see a connection across 3 and 5, then your relay is stuck “closed” and this is why your radio stays on. Cheap, easy part to replace, but causes major headaches when it is bad.

$13 part at Autozone. Cheaper if you order online.

My envoy radio after market will not shut off with car. It used to, but pulled the battery out for some reason, and now it won’t. Any help would be nice. Thank you

It is a 2005 Envoy with a jvc after market radio. Thanks again.

Maybe check to see whether that JVC radio has a setup mode that allows you to set it up either way: turn power off with key or leave on.
With the battery having been pulled out, it likely went to some default that doesn’t turn it off.
Also, are you sure it doesn’t turn off? Some have a feature where it shuts off when the door opens or it shuts off after N number of minutes with the key out.

Thank you so much! You gave me the solution to my problem! The radio is finally off!!