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Radio stopped working - 2003 Toyota Sienna

I have a 2003 Toyota Sienna. The radio has stopped working. All other electrical parts of the car appear t obe in fine working order. I found the Radio-No.2 fuse (7.5A) benieth the dash and replaced it with the working 7.5A (working) turning signal with no luck. (The radio fuse DID work when placed in the turning signal fuse slot). So it cannot be this fuse.

Is there a Radio-No.1 fuse? Unfortunately, this car did not come with a owners manual. If so where would I find it?
Or could this be a different problem? What else should I look for.

Any help is appreciated. It’s getting very quiet and lonely on these drives lately!

There are at least 2 fuse blocks they usually are left side of dashboard and left side of engine compartment. But I am not really all that familiar with the Siennas. Also check all the fuses, on my Camry the fuse for the cig. lighter blew and it also controlled the clock and radio illumination

If the radio turns out to be bad just replace it with another from a salvage yard or use an aftermarket brand. Repairing a radio is way too expensive to attempt nowadays unless it’s a very minor problem.

There is a radio No. 1. I assume by your question you already know where Radio No.2 is.

Radio No.1 is found in the fuse panel box next to the battery. Flip the cover over, look at the diagram and in the middle section you will see a 20a fuse spot that says Radio no.1.

If your kids play with the radio like mine do you will be changing this fuse every 3-4 years. Lol hope this helps.

I’m away from my van now but will try to up load photo later

I would hope after 8 years the person has fixed or replaced the radio or even the entire vehicle.
Your vehicle has something called radio 1 and radio 2 ? What is the second radio for ?

Alternate programming!

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