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Radio on fire

My Radio started turning itself on and off several months ago. This week it started burning and smoking when I turned the car on.

I cant find users manual for my 1994 Grand Cherokee so I cant find the fuse for the radio. The fuse box does not seem to have one designated just for the radio. Can you help me decide what to do next? As long as I don’t turn the radio on again, will I bo OK?

There may be a fuse block under the hood in addition to the one under the dash. But I’m surprised the fuse hasn’t already blown.

I would recommend having someone pull the radio out, just to be absolutely safe. You can pick up a replacement cheap at WalMart or even a salvage yard, or spend a little more for a better quality unit from .

Pull the radio out and check the wiring just to make sure it’s the radio and not crossed wiring that’s smoking. If it’s the radio, simply unplug it from the wiring harness and remove it until you find a replacement. It’s very easy to replace a radio, and if you do give these guys a try:

Is this the original radio? Or did someone install an upgrade? I’m thinking “creative wiring.”

scenerio 1 radio on fire,or smoking will never come on again.
scenerio 2 the fuse would be blown.(whether it controls two circuits or not)
scenerio 3 someone put an oversized fuse where it does not belong.

hope that helps