Radio screen panel light on 2003 Honda Accord not lighting

Radio & CD player works, but no light. Checked mfg’s manuel for fuse. There’s’ one for the radio & it’s ok, but can’t find one for the light or locate light under dash. does anyone have any helpful advise?

I will assume that the rest of your dash lights are working, and that you are not talking about the screen readout. These radios were plagued by many problems internally, and they were covered by an extended warranty from the dealer. Call them up with your VIN to see if you are still covered. If not google honda radio repair to find somone to send it to. Honda will charge you a fortune, rebuilders only a few hundred.

The rest of the dash lights work, including the knob that dajusts the brightness. All of these lights are located in the dashboard behind the steering wheel. The radio, CD player,clock, heater/AC & fan controls are located in the center of the dashboard. All of the above functions are working o.k. The light that illuminates all of these functions is not comming on, although the numbers are visible at certain light angles or if I shine a flashlight on them. These readouts are in fact visibly, but without the normal illumunation. I have included this expanded detail of explanation because I was not sure of just what you meant by screen readout. Many thanks for your reply. Please do get back to me.

Since all the lighting for the center dash isn’t working I suggest you check the harness connection to that area. The connector may just be loose.

I had the same problem with the radio on my 2003 Honda Accord, within the first two years of buying the car. Radio was replaced and covered under general vehicle warranty, which was fortunate as the dealer indicated the total cost was close to $2,000. The dealer at the time also indicated several problems with the radios. Later, there was a recall notice or extended warranty issued by Honda. The panel on my radio flickers a bit now and am hoping I do not have to replace again at my expense. Good luck!

I had the same problem with my 2003 accord. It was replaced under warranty. Honda issued a technical service bulletin to extend the warranty on the radio. I think it was extended to 8 years and 100,000 miles. I have the warranty letter at home, so I’m not sure. The dealer should be able to check on the service bulletin for you.

Correction on my post. Honda service bulletin 04-027 authorized a " good will" replacement of the radio. The extended warranty was a separate letter. I’ll try to check it tonight and post the contents.

Here is a link to the extended warranty letter.

Dear Markmast: Brief note to thank you for the heads-up. I took the car to the Honda Dealer & they ordered the radio for replacement under the extened warrantee. what a savings this is to me. Again, many thanks for your timely and quick response.