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AM Radio Problem

Just the other day the radio in my 06 Subaru Outback lost the ability to pick up an AM stations. Has anyone else had this problem? Is this going to be expensive?

The antenna connection might have come loose. It could be simple or you might need a new radio. Nobody knows without doing some diagnostic work.

I agree. Coupled with the fact that AM radios have been getting cheaper and cheaper over the years especially the ones installed in new vehicles.

I also agree.
Worst case, the head unit can be readily replaced. Post back if necessary and we’ll help.

The fact that the FM works ok but not the AM makes me think the ground connection for the antenna/cable has corroded or came loose.

So do I get a Chilton’s manual and figure out where the antenna is and attempt to reconnect it (if that’s the problem) or just take it to a mechanic? I guess I’d like to know how complicated this is going to be.

If the FM section works but the AM doesn’t, I really don’t think the problem is the antenna.

The top few rows of defroster lines in the rear window are not part of the window defroster, they are the radio antenna. Inspect the inside of the rear window for scratches/damage. Metallic type window tint will affect AM reception but I doubt you tinted your windows this week.

Mounted near the rear window is an antenna amplifier if you care to inspect and test it.

Great! Thanks for your help. When the weather rises above the insanely cold mark I will have a look.