Radio problems

ok so the other day my radio suddenly cut out. the speakers are very quite and i can only pick up static. I need to know if i have to replace the antenna, radio, or both?

I would go by your first instinct and check antenna wiring from radio to whip. Make sure too it is properly screwed in as they do loosen and loose contact. How does the cd, mp3 or tape(older) work…is your 8 track still functioning…just kidding.
Is it mechanical or touch screen switching ? If mechanical, I would then spray electrical lube around the switches…if all else failed after I checked wiring connections.from behind the radio… Especially the ground wire.

It is possible that the antenna cable has become disconnected from the radio, so if you are able to access the back of the radio, that would be one thing to check immediately. If the antenna is firmly connected to the radio, and if the speakers only produce static, then it is quite likely that you will have to replace your quiet radio.

However, if the audio system is an upscale one, it is also possible that the problem lies in the amplifier, which could be located in a separate location, such as underneath the passenger seat. If there is a separate amplifier, checking the connections on that equipment is also necessary in order to thoroughly troubleshoot the problem, but it is even possible that the amplifier has died–assuming that your audio system has a separate amplifier.

I think that a visit to an audio shop is probably your best bet if you verify that the antenna cable is still attached and that the amplifier is also connected.

Do you park your car in an active wildlife area?

I had a similar problem and was about to replace a very expensive antenna when we found out that critters had gotten into the ceiling and chewed through the antenna cable! When the mechanic pulled the ceiling panel off, he got showered with acorns.