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My Broken Radio

The radio in my beloved '05 Honda Accord is broken. This started about 6 months ago, when the radio would suddenly emit a loud screech/buzzing noise in the middle of a song. If turned off for a few minutes, it would work again. Sometimes these screeching/buzzing episodes would happen 3-4 times a trip, or not at all, on and off for several months. Finally, the radio just quit working. You can turn on the radio and change the stations, but no sound comes out. This is the same for the CD player. The dealership says it will cost $95 to look at it, and then likely $400-$500 to send it to CA to be fixed. Is this common? Do I have any other options?

Yes. Got to and look through the options they have to replace the factory radio. Even with a ‘professional’ installation, they can replace the factory unit with a better sounding and more feature-packed after-market radio allot cheaper than $600. I always recommend replacing a malfunctioning factory radio with aftermarket when feasible simply because of the cost. It’s just not worth repairing radios, TVs, or stereos anymore. Replacements are too inexpensive, even for the premium units.

Thank you so much! Will the after-market look “after-market?” My huband doesn’t want something that looks cheap or out-of-place, but I want to stop humming for my 30 min commute.

It will look different, for certain. But cheap or out-of-place is going to be a personal preference. I think Crutchfield will show you a typical installation once you get to the selection portion for the install kit. They have kits to make the radio look as ‘factory-installed’ as possible. I’ve installed some of these kits, and the owner’s were very happy with the fit and look.

I appreciate your help and your opinion. Thanks again.

You can also purchase used original radios on Ebay for a reasonable price.