Car Radio

My 2008 Hyundai Sante Fe. The radio does not work after the car has been sitting in the sun all day. There is not display, volume does not work and I cannot use the preset channels.

A 2008 model should be covered under the new car warranty. Have you had the dealer try to fix it?

Isn’t this car under warranty? Let the dealer fix it. They’ll probably just install a new radio.

I absolutely agree that you should exercise your warranty. I’ll mention that lots of electronic things don’t work when they get too hot, and then recover when they cool down (e.g., the displays on my cell phone and on my wristwatch). However, the car radio SHOULD be designed to take the heat of being in a closed car on a sunny day. Don’t let them tell you it’s normal. (I’ve often wondered why it’s so hard to get military elex to work from -45 to +125 deg F, when we expect the car’s radio/tape/CD to work from south Texas to Alaska.)

They will, indeed, probably change the radio, and that might do it. However (again), the symptoms you describe MIGHT indicate a problem with a power connector. Does the radio power up, or is it completely dead?

Good luck with the Dealer’s electronics guys.

The radio display failed on my wife’s 2006 Sienna about 2 weeks after we bought it. The dealer ordered a new radio and replaced it, no questions asked. I suggest your dealer should do the same if the Santa Fe is still under warranty.

Ok. so I took the car to the dealership. left it there for two days. they said they went to the car in the late afternoon and the radio worked. I know for sure that it will not work when I leave parked in the parking lot at work. Any suggestions???

I worked for a company that provided warranty radio service for GM, FORD,Chrysler, when a customer told us that a radio acted up and we could not duplicate we went ahead and made the swap. We realised all radio problems could not be duplicated.

It appears Hyundai is not giving you the same benifit of the doubt.


Every car manufacturer with which I am familiar will just swap radios during the warranty period. Modern car radios are not repairable outside of a laboratory, and when diagnosis eludes the dealership personnel, simply swapping your radio for a new radio (or a rebuilt unit, as you would not know the difference) is the order of the day for most companies.

It is distressing to hear that Hyundai is cheaping out on this. You might try phoning their corporate Customer Care people regarding this matter.