Radio Presets

After this weekend’s show, I imagine a lot of people at used car lots and others are changing the radio presets to Classical stations.

Hmmmm … If I go to a used car dealer, and all the radios in the cars have the same stations preset, should I be suspicious?

I like the theory that NPR listeners would be gentler to there cars than heavy metal fans, but in my case it certainly doesn’t apply. I was a freelance classical musician in NYC in the '90s, and drove my little Golf from gig to gig about as hard as a car could possibly be driven, always soothed by the pleasant programming of Public Radio. I am probably a statistical outlier, but personally I wouldn’t use radio presets as any useful indicator.

It would depend on the number of cars in inventory. If they had 100+ cars, all set alike, that would be suspicious. If they only had ten, and five were alike, it might mean those five were the good ones the dealer drove himself.