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Whenever they hear us say it

And even though Republican members of the House of Representatives brush up on their slash public broadcasting speeches whenever they hear us say it, this is NPR. Just a suggestion. Wow, you guys must have really pissed them off.

Make, year, model?

Huh? Who is us? Not sure what you are saying except maybe commenting on conservatives and Chamber of Commerce members regular disdain of funding anything that slows the flow of money to private business. From the current state of private radio and TV though, I’d say we desperately need NPR at any price.

Perhaps the brothers will see this and use it. I think its funny.

This threat to withhold funding comes around every few years, regular as clockwork.


So repair and maintenance of cars has to do with politics? Year, make, and model please.

I’m sorry I’m new here and thot I was posting on “General Discussions” But @Bing, at the end of each show on Car Talk they always have a “And even though… when they hear us say it…” comment. This was my version based on the Republican congress budget that completely cuts funding for public broadcasting, including Car Talk. Let’s see, 2000 Honda Accord and it runs like it did just off the show room floor. But thanks for asking.