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Puzzler - Too Good to be True - BOGUS!

The recent “Too Goo to be True” puzzler’s answer is completely BOGUS! They say that the woman knew the car was from out of town because the radio presets were all static. I can think of at least FOUR legitimate reasons for this!

  1. The dealer cleared the presets to make it seem “like new” again.
  2. The dealer replaced the radio with a newer one.
  3. The former owner didn’t like any radio stations and never used the radio - she listed to classical music CDs (or maybe she was into metal and her local town didn’t have any metal stations, I don’t know)
  4. Other prospective buyers have also sat in the car and fiddled with the radio, and messed up the presets.

In case you didn’t know, Tom has passed away and Ray has retired. All of the shows are reruns from years ago, so there aren’t likely to be any changes to any puzzles or their answers.

Yes, I know. People still like to have fun with them, though, and we can still talk about them in this forum.

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I guess we might as well get used to old radio threads popping up all the time. Fun? I didn’t think it was much fun ten years ago. Most of my presets will be static though. I’ve got about ten AM, ten FM, 20 Sirius, and who knows how many others. I only listen to about 5 different stations though so all the rest are static.

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From the answer:

And in every case, the presets were set to stations that were not local stations, so this car clearly was from out of town.

So, not bogus at all.


I disagree. Now if they had said, “all of the presets were valid radio stations for a town 3 hours away” that would be different. But every frequency on the radio dial is valid SOMEWHERE, so just because they weren’t valid for the local town doesn’t prove that the car came from somewhere else. :slight_smile:

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Yeah I have to agree with “J” on this one. That’s meaningless. The feds don’t allow the frequencies to overlap each other and there aren’t many holes anymore, so they are all good somewhere.

??? The point is that the presets weren’t local.

All of OP’s other possibilities are much lower in probability.
This isn’t a court case, it’s a puzzler.

Sorry you didn’t get it OP. This week’s is much easier.


I still think it’s silly. Only one of my presets is local, the others are out of town. Really meaningless. Kind of like the puzzlers in Bonomo taffy bars.

I think it is supposed to be for fun. I actually was listening to the rerun and ended checking the answer today and was thinking what if the owner was so against distracted driving that never bothered listening to the radio, or maybe just listened to books on CD.
You can also manually tune to one station and leave it there forever.