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Power stays on after turning car off

Just this evening I turned off my car (2000 Toyota Corolla), went inside and then came back out an hour or so later to discover that my radio, clock, and cigarette lighter still had power. Without the key in the ignition, I’m still able to listen to the radio, for example. This was never the case before. I had the battery replaced five days ago, but I doubt that makes a difference…Anybody got any ideas how I can fix this so that my battery doesn’t drain.

I’m completely car illiterate, so talk to me as if I’m dumb. Because I am. :slight_smile:

The ignition switch may be going bad. This controls the power to the ignition, the accessories on a separate circuit, and the starter. It sounds like the switch is not disconnecting the accessory circuit. Another thought, can you remove the key in the accessory position? I can on my car, but my car is a 25 year old Supra. I can pull the key in any position due to a worn out key cylinder.

No, I can not remove the key in the accessory position.