Radio stays on after removing key from ignition

this just started today and when i turned off my car and removed the key from the ignition, the radio stayed on. also, when i opened the door, the door chime came on as if the lights were still on and now i’m not able to lock the car or set the alarm using my key. i’ve read that some vw cars are wired so that the radio stays on after the car is turned off, but this has never been the case with my car. my main concern is battery drainage and being unable to lock and arm my alarm.


I would take a look at the switch in the door jamb and the wires in the harness. My guess is the car does not recognize the door being opened. There may be a setting in the manual to change the operation, usually there is a built in timer to save the battery. If none of that helps it may be time for a new ignition switch. Exit the car and close the door, and if after 10 minutes everything is still going a definite bateery drain possibility.

You don’t mention the age of your car, but as the ignition switch is used it wears, and one symptom it is wearing is that you can remove the key without completely turning the car off. Next time this happens, put the key back in and make sure the ignition switch is completely turned in the off position. It is also possible the ignition switch needs to be cleaned and lubed. If dirty, it can appear to be off, but be sticking on inside the switch so it never completely turns off. On one of my older cars, I can remove the key with the car running! I never fixed it, well one thing, I’m lazy, but also it comes in handy sometimes to be able to remove the key with the engine running.

A couple of things about ignition switches. They are expensive to replace. So try to keep the number of keys and gadgets on your key ring to minimum. The weight of the keys dangling on the key chain causes increased wear. The less weight of the key chain, the better. And keep your keys clean. Dirt and especially sticky stuff like ice cream residue transferred from the keys can clog the insides of the ignition switch and ruin it. I put my keys into the dishwasher along with the dishes for a good cleaning once a month. And I wipe the keys clean with a damp paper towel if I think they’ve gotten anything sticky on them when I’m on the road. A little of the correct lube can work wonders for a mal-functioning ignition switch. Buy some of that dry-lube especially made for ignition switches at your auto-parts store. In a pinch, if the key is jamming in the switch, I sometimes take a #2 pencil and rub the pencil lead along the key surface to get a little graphite into the switch, and it often works, not just on the ignition switch, but on the door locks.

I have a 2014 VW also and this just happened to me when my battery died. I couldnt get the car to start so i took the key out and the radio stayed on. My car is not one that the radio stays on in so i am very confused by this!

8 years later, I’m having the exact same issue with my vw. What was the issue/fix with yours??

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Same thing with my 2017 Jetta. Annoying, as soon as car got out of warranty the ignition switch needed to be replaced according to the VW mechanic. Funny, that I hadn’t been told that when I took the car in for 2 previous recalls. Haven’t done it yet but this is bothersome.
Is your Air Conditioner violently loud when you put it on 4 seeting?

Seeing that the original post was 9 years ago, and the thread starter never came back after their first post, we will probably never know.

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You should be able to answer that question without assistance from to OP, is your blower noisy or not? Do you have a Volkswagen?