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Radio issue

The radio on my 2006 Toyota Tacoma will not stay on the station it will jump forward to static and sometimes back to the station or just jump off the station and stay till I press the button and put it back. What’s up with this?

You need a new unit. You can buy one almost anywhere including WalMart.
When you get one, I strongly suggest gettting an “adapter plug”. The adapter plug attaches to the new unit on your kitchen table and allows you to plug the new unit directly into your existing wiring harness.

I agree 100% with mountainbike. Don’t even think of splicing wires to install your new radio.

I’ve bought several aftermarket radios from Crutchfield, good service and reasonable prices. Most head units come with an installation kit, wiring harness and installation instructions.

Ed B.

Before you do that, check to see if your current radio has a scan or seek (or both) button, and make sure it’s not sticking.