Radio problems

I purchased a 2009 Toyota Tacoma last October and love it, however, I have one major problem - the radio. It has a WMA stereo which actually sounds pretty good when it works. I had problems with the radio when the truck was fairly new- those being problems with the volume control and tuning stations. I had the first radio replaced at the dealer. Now I am having the same problems with the new radio and have ordered another radio. The dealer actually admitted to me that they have had problems such as these before with Tacomas. Should I get the dealer to order a different brand radio or what should I do?

Concerned my radios will continue to need replacement and my warranty will run out and leave me holding the bag!

The dealer is only going to install a Toyota radio. Maybe some other style radio for this vehicle will work better.

As for the warranty running out…If there was a problem before the warranty ran out then it should be covered after the warranty ran out. Keep all receipts.

First, what is a “WMA stereo?” Honestly, if it were me, I’d probably go to Crutchfield ( and find a good stereo and just replace what you have. Yeah, you would have to pay for it, but you can get a much better stereo than a factory radio.

I also have a 2009 Toyota Tacoma. I got it in September 2008. The first radio, the one that came with the truck, had problems with the volume control sometimes not working. Toyota replaced that radio. It was out of stock so I had to wait for about 6 weeks. The second radio also had the same problem but not as bad as the first radio. I waited for a while thinking it would quit all together and make it easier to show them. It stayed about the same and Toyota also replaced that radio. Now the third one had not had the problem of the volume control not working but every now and then the display will be blank. I drove to Toyota when it was doing that and they said the technician would have to check it. I did not have time to leave the truck, it was lunch time and I had to get back to work. With the first two radios, the person at the desk would look at it and I could show them what was wrong. Not this time. The person would not come out to the truck and look at the display. It started working after I drove away. All three of the radios also would have an occasional problem, when going from FM1 to FM2 the station does not always change like it should. The radio is the base model that comes with the extended cab trim line truck.

Until the warranty is up, I’d just let the dealer keep doing replacements as necessary. After enough reported problems, they’ll probably investigate and correct whatever is wrong with the current design.

During last night’s NFC championship game, I saw a Toyota commercial that said something like “we could all use a little more quality.” I guess Toyota could use more quality too!