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Radio delay starting

I’ve a weird problem for tow or three weeks now, that the radio in my car delay stating, it actually has electricity connected, all its lights are on, station name is displayed, you can navigate through stations but NO sound comes out of it at all then it suddenly starts after 5 to 10 minute!!! I’ve 2007 Trailblazer LT.
Thanks in advance for your help.

Lots of issues with rear audio in these disrupting the system. Try powering off the rear audio controls first and see if that helps.

Actually the problem is not with the rear audio, it’s the Radio itself.

Does the car have a separate amp? Perhaps it is going bad or there is a bad connection between it and the head unit.

No I don’t have amp. I know it’s a strange problem but this is what happened :wink:

Then it sounds like the amp section in the head unit has a problem. Your cheapest solution is to replace the radio.

Then I’ll try to test one in place, if it worked that will be the solution.

Do your speakers have the BOSE logo on them?

Ok glad you have it eliminated. When I had issues with mine cutting out, I spent some time diagnosing it. Turned out the rear audio connector block also affects front audio. Who knew? Good luck…