2012 GMC Acadia - Audio has cut out

my radio is ON,but theres no sound also the back up BEEP the seat belts and chime ara mute.

first check your fuses and relay for radio and amp. but It also might be a bad amplifier. there have been a lot of others complaining of them going bad.

You could try a system reset by disconnecting the battery for a couple hours. Might work. Note that doing a reset can confuse the car’s computer system and cause other problems, but those are usually easily addressed by the dealership and their scan tool. Providing there aren’t any other weird electrical problems, checking the applicable fuses and making sure the speaker remains connected to the wiring harness would be where I’d start.

Reset my choice of last resort. Fuses first, Those probably all go through the radio along with blinker sound. Possible the radio is toast.