has anyone tired k-seal in there radiator.

No. Products like that are only stopgap measures. If your radiator is leaking, it will need to be replaced sooner or later, so you might as well replace it sooner.

I agree with Whitey. But, if you must, I would use Bars leak, it has a long track record. Or for even cheaper I might try the tablespoon of pepper option.

Additives like these are only ways to squeeze a bit of extra life out of a dying machine. They don’t fix the cause of a leak, and they can clog things that you don;t want clogged. And, if the source of your lost coolant is something other than a radiator leak, you could be causing problems for nothing.

While it is not a fix, these products can give you a bit of time. But we do not know anything about the CAR? Truck? Miles? History? Please help us help you.

Why use an off brand product when name brand products are available?

Check the price of a new radiator at rockauto.com, you might be surprised how inexpensive it is. You’ll need a cooperative mechanic to put it in, of course, so arrange that before you buy the radiator. Or buy it (for a bit more) from Autozone, etc., that way you can return it if you get the wrong one.

i sell auto parts for a living and sell a ton of that stuff and nobody has nothing bad to say about it

There is a place I bought a brass radiator a few years ago(Radiator Barn) for a 96 Honda Wagon, then the brass one was cheaper than the aluminum one and it really wasnt that much trouble to install also got a new radiator from a large chain for a Volvo,it was pretty expensive,but easy to install-so if you are mechanically inclined consider installing it yourself,just make sure to burp the system real good-Kevin