Radiator leak

I have a 1988 Jeep Cherokee, 6cyl, it is leaking some coolant from the left bottom side of radiator. The radiator has no CAP, but has a coolant reservoir. Can I add a “stop leak” additive, such as Bars Leak or some other kind to the reservoir?

I think that that stuff would glop in the reservoir and not do much good. The best solution would be to replace or repair the radiator.

The stop-leak will eventually circulate throughout the system, but it is a stop-gap measure. Call 1-800-RADIATOr for a reasonably priced new one. Not a particularly easy one to replace, but not the worst either.

If there is no cap, putting it in the reservoir will do nothing. Even with a cap, you put it in the radiator anyway. You have to actually read the instructions first or it won’t work. You need a new radiator.

Bite the bullet and get this fixed properly before you sustain serious engine damage.

I once use this stuff in a traditional radiator with a cap while camping in the woods of Maine. It held the leak at bay till we got back home and had the radiator “re-cored” and the cooling system properly flushed out.

Member of this panel genarally only advocate “stop gap” solution to tide you over in an emergency.