Radiator leak

I have 96 camry.I just noticed that it got some leaks in the radiator at the top of the near radiator ,near the cap( in the metal part)it like a hair line crack.

Is ther any kind putty i can apply to fix it?thanks

It sounds like you are describing a crack in the upper tank of the radiator. Are you sure the upper tank is metal? if yes a radiator shop could help you out. Cruise the “special products” isle in the auto parts store and look for a product that claims to fix the type of problem you have.

If the crack is in a metal (brass) part, it can be soldered. Bars-leaks or Alumaseal works good for a while…(radiator stop leak products)

Your car has a plastic tank for the radiator, and it often will develop a leak along the seam of the core where it crimps to the tank. I would not recommend adding a stop leak product to the cooling system. Some of them will get into the heater core and leave you with no heat for the wintertime. Why not replace the radiator? They are usually pretty cheap for your car and anybody with half a brain and a few basic hand tools can replace a radiator on a '96 Camry. That’s going to be your best bet, all things considered.

Yes, the top part is metal. may be copper.If i need to fix it, can i just replace the top metal part alone?
Any idea how much does it cost, if i need to replace the radiator?

I agree with Mark . . J.C. Whitney has one for $82.44!!! The problem with using a “Mend-It” product to seal a leak is that it will probably let go when it is least convenient. And remember, the rest of the 13 year-old radiator will be in the same condition . . . another split seam here and there. Overheating can cause lots of $$$$$ damage. I’d change the radiator. Rocketman

Just get a new radiator. The cost is low compared to the cost of replacing your engine if it overheats. The money you MIGHT save with your “last ditch effort” product isn’t worth the risk.