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Radiator and power steering leak

I have a radiator leak and a power steering fluid leak. I know I need to repair these items asap, but is it possible for me to check these fluids (coolant and power steering fluid) and refill them daily (or as needed) for a while before I fix them? Thanks,


Possible. If you are vigilant and don’t allow either to go low, it is just going to cost you time and money.

However if you miss one just once or if one suddenly tanks and you loose all the fluid during a drive, it could cost you a lot and they are not likely to get better, only worse and you are going to need to do the maintenance anyway. In the long run maintenance is a good investment.

In one respect, it might be good. You will be flushing both systems.

The PS leak you can monitor until you fix it. They generally slowly get worse over time rather than suddenly fail, and should they suddenly fail they don’t cause other damage…unless the leak is at the pump, in which case if it seizes it’ll take out the belt. That won’t destroy the engine, but it could leave you stranded in a bad spot.

Coolant leaks generally come from either corrosion in the radiator, a failing water pump, or occasionally a failed tank seam or inlet seam. Any of these can suddenly hemmorage as you’re driving down the highway and your engine overheat and cause serious engine damage. Trying to nurse a coolant leak for a time is risky.

Thanks, I just want to make it a week or so. I’ll monitor the fluids and not drive much. Should be able to take it in very soon. Thanks again.

Thanks for tip. I’ll get on the radiator right away. I should be able to care of both issues in a week or so.