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Rack and pinion replaced on 2002 Ford Taurus but still leaks

My 2002 Ford Taurus has 73,000 miles and was in good shape except for a small leak under driver’s side. Has a new rack and pinion replaced one week ago. Have now noticed small leakage again. Also, when the steering wheel is turned it makes a clicking sound…almost like winding a clock. I paid $575 for the replacement and an alignment. Why would it begin leaking again. This is a very comfortable car and has been maintained.

CV joints.

Making a clicking sound when the wheel is turned isn’t specific enough. Does that mean while you’re making a tight turn? If so then it is likely a CV joint.

And the leak might be as simple as a distorted O-ring. Ford used a white plastic O-ring at the rack and pinion hoses that required heating in a cup of water in a micro wave and once heated immediately stretching it over a tapered punch, then oiling prior to assembly. That connection was often a pain in the neck. Those O-ring connections would be directly below the brake pedal. Of course any leak of the R&P would possibly drip there.

Did you have the shop diagnose the source of the leak or diagnose it yourself and tell them what to change?

Clicking while turning is a common dry CV joint symptom, and the grease can leak out if its boot has a rip, which is often between the folds and hard to find.

The mechanic shop diagnosed it, a very reputable business. I did tell them what I had observed the car doing however. I was somewhat surprised that it still clicks when turning left or right and continues to leak. I am returning it tomorrow so they can look at it again.

Thanks for your reply.