Rack and pinion removal

Looking for hints on removing the rack and pinion on this car. It’s a 2004, 200,000+ miles. I can see fluid gushing from the top of it, so my thoughts are the cylinder cracked. Here’s my question - what all needs to be removed to drop the subframe down far enough to get my fat hands in there to loosen the bolts to remove this? I’ve already removed the rear most bolts on both sides, as well as loosened the 2 on the side between the rack and the drive shaft. That has allowed the subframe to drop about an inch. Going across the rear crossbar, dead center, is what appears from below to be a motor mount “contraption” (looks to be over engineered for what looks to be a direct mount). I’m thinking that if I removed that I would gain more space.


I have pictures if needed

4 cylinder or V6?


Check the lines first.

4 cylinder

It’s definitively not the lines. I could see it coming out of the “tube” past the pinion portion


Thanks, I will watch this and see if it helps !