94 V6 cougar rack and pinion


i have a 94 cougar that i bought expecting to be able to replace the rack and pinion and than go sell the car but when i tried to take of the old rack and pinion i had a problem were i couldn’t get the 2 lines disconnected and now that is the only thing stopping me from replacing the rack and pinion can someone help me get these lines disconnected i cant find anyway of getting at them pics would be helpful if anyone can send pics thx


www.Autozone.com has an online manual for your car, see this link:


Ed B.


You may need some metric crows feet line wrenches.


[b]To remove the line fittings from the R&P assembly sometimes requires a crowsfoot wrench or a stubby open end wrench. And then try to access the fittings from different positions. But to be honest, some can be a real bear to get to.

Once the new R&P is installed, prior to bolting it into position, get the line fittings started first. Less chance of cross-threading the fittings into the R&P assembly.