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Rack/pinion issues

Pontiac grand prix 2007…ok o broke mount bracket on pass side and so I replaced it…It laster abt 2 months then broke at same place the right mount bracket …I replaced it then again along with shock and spring and it has broken…why is it breaking please.


Do you have a question?

Possibly as said in one of your other threads that another mount is broken or you have some part of the suspension that is weak . Now you know why the vehicle was gifted to you . Someone just wanted it gone.


I think if I had that problem I’d loosen all the engine and transmission mounts and run the engine to see if that would cause everything to move into the proper orientation, then re-tighten the mounts.

I expect you already know OP that driving a car very hard, like it is a race car, can quickly damage engine/transmission mounts and various suspension components. Are you doing this?

@Bob_Burnett If you keep posting the same question, you likely will get the same answer.

Something is not right. The car is bent, a weld is broken, something in the suspension is loading up the rack mount so it breaks. That can’t be diagnosed over the internet. The car needs a thorough inspection from underneath, preferably with a large pry-bar and a mallet to find the root cause. If that doesn’t happen, expect to keep replacing steering racks.


the rack is mounted to the subframe. the lower suspension strut/control arm is mounted to the subframe. you do verify the rack is centered by turning the input shaft left/right before you install it? so, steering is even? 2 turns left and 2 turns right when done?
rack is square. it is bolted to body properly at 4 corners?

I’ve gotten 3 different ones so far…lol

Thx. I’ll keep that in mind

Yep…thank you very much.

That’s a good idea thank you

Thanks that’s sounds reasonable might work

Old lady dying of stomach ca. Maybe that’s what caused it…thank you

Bolts at lt side and rt side.

Ever hit a pothole geo?Not a divit a chughole on a pitch black rainy night.No wasnt racing just going to work.