Rack and Pinion for 2006 Nissan Armada

How much does a rack and pinion ususally cost to replace? Can it be repaired with bearing?

What are the symptoms?

Rack & pinion assemblies, even rebuilts, are expensive and the replacement is a big job.

If the rack and pinion assembly is bad, there’s no bearing replacement that will fix it. It’ll need to be replaced.

But that second part to the post, the part about the bearing, makes me wonder if you’re misunderstanding something. Can you explain in more detail?

When i turn the sterring wheel it it making a noise as if something is lose. i took car to two sh ops. once told me that it would cost $205 to replace bearing and that was all it needed. also took to repair shop where i bought the vehicle and was told i needed to replace the entire thing for $1,700 so i am not sure who is right.

The “bearing” was probably the wheel bearing based on the quote. I’d go back to the first shop and ask. Then I’d let them do the work.

Or, try a third shop and heve the SHOW you what they find.

It’s impossible to diagnose the cause of your sound over the internet, but I’d definitely recommend that you have any shop giving you a quote show you exactly why they believe it’s XXX. The cause of these kind of noises can generally be verified on a lift.