$1600 for a rack and pinion for 2012 Kia Sorento?

I need a rack and pinion replaced…they want $1600!! I simply dont have the money

Who wants $1600? A dealer? Get a quote from an independent shop.

What is the reason for a rack replacement? Leaking rack seals or loose inner tie rods?

The car is out of warranty and if this is a dealer price then I agree; check with a few independent shops.

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Last year, I needed to have the steering rack, pump, and belt replaced in my work truck, which is a 2001 Toyota Tundra. I didn’t have to pay for this; my employer did, but I saw the bill. Approximately $1900. Could we have found a cheaper price? Maybe, but we always use the same shop for everything except transmission repair–which they don’t do–and they always do good work, and use quality parts which hold up well.

The parts catalog through my local dealer has the rack & pinion for about $800 down from a list of just over $1,000. $432 for re-manufactured from rock auto. More like $500 from Advance Auto excluding core charge.

We’ve had a mechanic suggest that it’s getting worn but they checked the car twice a year and since it wasn’t leaking we just kept going. At the time our mechanic estimated the part and labor would be about even.