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Racing motor doesn't engage Honda Accord 1994

Automatic tranny. Slow up to turn left and make the turn. Accelerate as normal. No engagement, motor races, let up a little on gas, then engages and continues normally. Could be belt? Had timing belt replaced already.

No, it’s not a belt. Check the transmission fluid level (parked on level surface, engine idling, transmission in PARK). If it’s low add fluid.

When you are checking the transmission fluid, in addition to the level, be sure to take note of the color and the smell of the fluid, and then come back to this thread to report your findings.

And, if you need to add trans fluid, be sure to get fluid that is compatible with a Honda transmission. Check your Owner’s Manual for details, and be sure that the fluid container’s details agree with what you read in the manual.

First time I looked at your post. I almost 100% avoid all posts that have the word “racing” in either the header or in the OP’s screen name. Racing and helping people with their car problems don’t go together,the helping part is my enjoyment.

To my susprise your post had nothing to do with racing,just a racing engine. It was a correst way to describe your cars problem.

I do agree not related to timing belt and first thing to check is auto trans fluid level and condition.

In addition, When I do any job on a customers car all fluid levels get checked. Not my rule its the bosses rule and we don’t get paid extra for doing it. Your shop (the one that did the belt) should have checked all fluids. Maybe they did and you have developed a recent leak. Pay attention to those spots under the car,a very good early detection method.