Raccoon Tail?

So I just shot a raccoon earlier, and I de-boned the tail and have it curing in salt. My question is, my car has a retractable antenna. Would it be possible to attach the tail to the antenna in any way, or should I go with the rear-view mirror?

I think it would be OK as long as the tail doesn’t prevent the antenna from retracting all the way, like using a string tied to the very top of the antenna.

I had a friend do that with a non retractable antenna and a squirrel tail, It was never cured but lasted almost 2 years I recall, maybe if you list your make and model someone may know if the autoretract feature can be disabled somehow. I would prefer the critter remains on the outside of the car myself.

It’s a 1997 Oldsmobile 88. And I would prefer it outside as well

You have a power retractable antenna that works and you want to hang a tail on it and possible compromise it’s integrity. I don’t believe they “make’m” like they use to and I for one wouldn’t do it. Get a small plastic “mast” you could adhere with tape to the fender and have at it or replace it with a fixed antenna til your craze wears off…then put the other back on.

Are you not worried about the PETA people taking offense to your use of the animal parts?

PETA= People Eating Tasty Animals

I personally don’t care if they take offense or not.

" Are you not worried about the PETA people taking offense to your use of the animal parts?"

Unless I’m mistaken, that’s why I was put on this earth. There would be no second thoughts on the part of said animals using our body parts.

You tell 'em.

“I personally don’t care if they take offense or not.”

The problem with animal rights militants is that they don’t care about you or anything you own. It is more than remotely possible that they could take offense and vandalize your car. There have been issues with vandals damaging a local restaurant several times recently. They received threatening letters from animal activists stating that if the continued to serve pate, they would pay a dear price. Now, I don’t know that anyone near you would do this to you, but around here there is a better than slim chance that you’d attract some nuts. If you are willing to take a chance, enjoy your coon tail your way.

Heh. I live in a farm town full of well armed hunters. The two or three animal rights activists around here aren’t too vocal.