Dashboard indicators quit working on Toyota Rav 4 2003

Could armadillos playing around have broken a fuse or something? Otherwise car works great My mechanic looked briefly but wasn’t sure what to do. Thank you, Horsestar.

Doesn’t anybody screen these posts???

I would have a serious sit-down discussion with your armadillos. Next they’ll be hitting baseballs through your living room window.

We’ve seen MANY animal chewed harnesses in both these posts and our shops.
The only thing to do in that case is physically look at every inch from under the hood, under and to the back.

I once backed up to my band trailer to head out for a gig and there was NO plug left to hook up the trailer lights ! Guess you could say…’‘DOG - GONE’’ it.

THey are a lazy animal.
The wife and I took a trip thru northern texas one year. After we had passed the 6th or 7th one laying on the side of the road.
I spoke up and said. “Can you believe that those things lay that close to the road to sleep”.

She bought that one, hook, line, and sinker!!! “Oh Really”


@Yosemite, LOL. You’re one twisted dude!

We called them possum on the shell when I was in Texas.

Thanks for comments! Sorry, I’m no mechanic and was just geussing. Ends up several reputable mechanics agreed that “critters” causing damage is a distinct possibility, and not at all uncommon in our area. And the armadillos here in central Florida aren’t at all slow; the day before giving birth to four, mom was flying around the yard.
Also, very sadly, racoons recently killed my neighbor’s cat.

Yes, unanimous from whom spoken with that car needs more than a quick look. Need to schedule a day for diagnoses and treatment. Will let you know.