R&R 1994 chevy 4x4 auto transmission

I need tips and advice on R&R trany, on a 1994 chev.4x4. The transfer case ?
thanks for any advice. tgc

Spend $1200 and get it done by a pro?

Beg borrow buy or steal a trans jack. You can pull the Transmission with or without the transfer case. If you remove the xfer case the trans will be lighter and alot easier to handle.

I had a friend who used to be able to pull a thm350 trans without a trans jack by holding it and lowering it down. He was much stronger than me.

Is rust an issue where you live? If it is a cutting torch would be nice to heat bolts cherry red to get them loose. The truck is almost 20 years old and if the trans has never been out and your in the rust belt, watch out.

Trans/transfer case weigh 400lbs? I agree 100%. Get a trans jack. A big one.

What are you going to do after you pull the tranny and T-case? As I recall, trying to separate the tranny & T-case while in the truck is not as easy as it sounds…A transmission jack and a concrete floor are a must…

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thank you for the good advice. I’m checking into local repair shops. After removing the transfer case from the parts truck, I maybe over my head.
The trany part of the job I have done before , in automobiles.
If I’m forced to continue it will be with a trany jack.
thank you - tgc

You’ll also need a serious set of jackstands to get the truck high enough to get the transmission and jack combination out from under the truck.

By all means, separate the trans and transfer case. The combined weight and the imbalance make the combination extremely difficult to handle.