2005 Chevy equinox transfer case

2005 Chevy people on the transfer case went out how harder is it to remove and replace how long does it take?

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But I have a 2005 Chevy Equinox. My transfer case need to be replaced. Dose anyone know how long it will take to replace it and is it a hard process.

If the replacement is availible,a competent shop should be able to do it ,in less then a day.
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Is it hard to do it yourself is what I meant? Sorry for the confusion

That depends on yourself. For most it would be a real challenge.

Your Equinox is probably all wheel drive, so the front wheels are driven in the normal front wheel drive car mode, and the rear wheels are controlled by the transfer case, only powering the rear wheels up when necessary. I can tell you about my Ford 4x4 truck, which sports a part-time 4WD version (no front/back differential function). It involves draining all the gear oil out, removing the front and rear driveshaft connections, removing several brackets and bottoming-out shields, removing some covers on the transfer case and making some tweaks inside the innards necessary for removal, removing the shift lever/linkage, then supporting the weight of this gadget (it’s very heavy) while you simultaneously lower and shift it away from the transmission.

It’s a pretty complicated job in other words. I’d plan for between 4-8 hours to remove and re-install it in my driveway, with the truck on ramps. A pro could probably do it w/a lift in 2-3 hours.

A diy’er type of person who has a big flat cement covered place to do the job, good lighting, the necessary tools and safety equipment, have tackled something like this before (like replacing a clutch on a manual transmission car), plenty of time, and coffee, I’d expect someone like that could probably do it. You’d need to borrow or rent a transmission jack.

Are you going to try and fix it, or just replace it with a new one? Fixing it will require quite a few special tools, vices, gear pullers, seal and bearing tools, and such. Leave that to the pros.

I had an 03 trailblazer, pinion seal bad due to bearings in transfer case I think. $1200

To remove and replace the transfer case pays 3.5 hours on this vehicle. The shop may add additional time to the labor estimate for dealing with rust or other problems.

Unless you have experience replacing transmissions or clutches in your driveway this job is not for you. You are better off paying a shop with proper equipment to do this.

Thanks I got 3 days off starting Monday so I might take a crack it