Quieting engine noise

Any tricks for temporary fixes to quiet internal engine noise on a 2002 Mountaineer, just long enough to run it through the auction? Already tried the oil treatments.

Gee, nice guy. Always nice to meet someone honest. Eddie, down at the used car lot used to put sawdust in his until he got run out of town. Why not insurance fraud instead?

No. May your next house have termites.

How would you like it if someone did this to YOU?

“Why not insurance fraud instead?”

Now that’s an idea, any chance of it catching on fire?

Post the VIN and I’ll give you a fool-proof method…

It will then go through the auction, be sold to a dealer who will then sell it to a retail customer, who will then post on this board about a crooked dealer palming a heap off on them.

Have any relatives in OK that ever traded in a '78 Dodge with only 50k miles on it and crammed full of STP oil treatment? :slight_smile: