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Need an opinion on what this sounds like

2 nights ago I was driving and I noticed a repetitive tapping sound coming from my front right wheel area. It starts at around 40mph and gets louder as I drive faster. Turning and braking didn’t affect it at all. The only thing that mattered was that my car was moving fast. Sooo do any of you gentlemen know what the heck that signals? It’s a toyota prius 2015. Also it only happened that night

I think it signals a date with a jack, stands and tools to remove the RF wheel and inspect for what is making the noise.

Any other activity, like speculating on the cause, is a wild guess. First hand seeing, touching and feeling for looseness and obstruction beats speculation every time! :sunglasses:


Might be a small rock caught in backing plate & if it quit that night it may have fallen out.

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If it comes back ask your shop if it could be one of the inner CV joints.

Thanks everyone! I’m gonna take the advice of letting it be but taking it straight to a shop if it ever returns. Hope it was something that just fell out like a rock

Tom and Ray Magliozzi would say, “It sounds like a boat payment!”

badum tss


Were Ray and Tom the ones who stated they could smell trans fluid burning every time a Chrysler pulled in, and it smelled like money? I’m not sure where I heard that, but it stuck with me. Partially because it seems to be true from my experience. Chrysler made some of the best (large displacement) engines for a while. Coupled with the worst transmissions.