Mechanic relationships: trust issues and $$$

So: manifold gasket needed to be replaced. After replcing, car was running poorly, took it back to the shop that fixed it. They re-replaced it. Car came back with a new noise, but since it is 8 years old, shrugged it off and drove. Month and a half later, Service Engine Light is on, seems to be a vacuum leak. Question: What is our recourse if this is related to a bad gasket job? Go back to these losers yet again, who we now would not trust with even a bicycle? Suck up the $$$ (OUCH) and go to someone we do trust?

Information Please!

Some of the responders might be able to help with more information.
What make, year, model, miles?
How much is it driven?
Which manifold, intake, exhaust, other, was replaced?
Were you charged for milling or machining anything?
How much were you charged?
What kind of “new noise?” Why did you "shrug it off?"
Do you know how they decided it has a vacuum leak? Was that the “new noise” you heard?
What other info can you provide to give people a shot at this?
You may be asked for other info.

I wouldn’t jump to conclusions, yet. These things may or may not be related. “They” may not be losers. Cars can be frustrating and difficult at times. Let’s see…

It would be very helpful to know if you have an automatic transmission and which engine you have. Is it a 4, 6,or 8 cylinder? More importantly, is it called a 3800, 3.8, 2.2, 1600, 1.5, 302, 426, etc.?

I would guess a 426 Hemi that the mechanic hopes to see back again.

This is what I know:
The car is a 2000 Olds Silhouette, 100,000 miles, 6 cylinder, automatic transmission.
Primarily driven short distances around town, with the occasional longer family trip, driving 4-6 hours two or three times a year.
Driven more or less 15k/year, mostly to and from work, a little more on weekends.
The ‘which, were and how’ : am fuzzy on those details as spouse took care of it. We were charged more than $2000.
The new noise was a low chugging/rumble-y sound from under the hood, shrugged it off because performance was fine.
The Service Engine Soon light popped on and off, then stayed on more on than off and it started running rough: rough idle,halting at acceleration. Drivable, but not great. We’re about to go on a long trip, Trusted Mechanic was too booked to take it on to fix before our departure, but we wanted to be sure it was not drivable, so Trusted Mechanic ran the computer diagnostic, and told us diagnostic told him there could be a vacuum leak, so advised Do Not Drive.

That’s all Ihave for now-
thanks all

Did the trusted tech tell you what the code was?? The van engine compartment hold a great deal of heat.While not saying you did or didn’t get a good repair is difficult. A vacuum line could have just cracked and be a simple 5 min. repair. Does the vehicle idle real high? or is the idle normal with a check engine light on?
I would think that whereever you had your car / van repaired gave you a warranty. And in my shop if you had a vacuum leak after we had worked on it. We would repair it at no cost. Because we should have looked at the hose’s when we made the repair. Things do get past us all, it’s how we as shop owners handle the problems. Call the guy… start there

Is this the 3.8 liter engine? If so, it may have the plastic intake manifold that is prone to cracking. This time, you might need a new manifold, but your mechanic should have caught that.