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I have 1999 Toyota Camry 2.2L, 4cyl, I have it for eight years now it has 145000 miles on it, currently it start showing me the temprature guage when I drive over 50mph it goes all the way down to cool, when I drive under 50mph it will come up to the middle. It wasn’t doing this before , If it helps I had acccident about eight monts ago and I hit someone on my passenger side and shd some damage get fixed. What causes this?

Have your thermostat checked, it could be stuck in the “open” position.

I second Uncle Turbo’s advice.

I agree. Sounds like a bad thermostat.

This is not an expensive repair.

Me too, and it should be a inexpensive fix.

I recommend a thermostat change every 4-5 years.