1998 Toyota Camry strange heater problem

Dear Tom and Ray:

I have 1998 Camry, that has around $174,000 miles. It blows cold air when the heater is on at higher speed. The heater blows warm/hot air, when I am stuck in bumper-to-bumper traffic or when the car moves slow and had to wait at traffic light. But once I am out of traffic and go hogher speed, then again the car heater blows cold air.

The engine temprature gauge also moves higher in the slow traffic and goes at or below letter “C” at higher speed.

Since it blows warm/hot air in the slow traffic, it seems not the thermostat or air-bubble or heater-core problem. Is it?

Please advice me with your expert troble shooting.


Jayesh Jariwala

Your engine thermostat is stuck open. It is fairly easy to replace. In addition to a nice and toast heater, your gas mileage will improve over what you are presently getting.

I agree. Replace your thermostat and the heat problems should be over.

Also agree