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2000 Toyota Camry - Runs good, but mileage seems low

Runs great but poor gas mileage?

Are you asking us or telling us? If you want any useful advice your going to have to tell us a lot more about your car other than it being a 2000 Camry.

This is a topic we see regularly and sometimes it is just a misunderstanding. Here is a story CarTalk and BestRide put together on that subject if interested.

I’m not sure how you expect help when you didn’t even give us the MPG that you’re seeing.

The vehicle has a 2.4 liter 4-cylinder engine. I am recording MPG from 11.5 to 12.8. The most recent expected MPG rating from the Department of Energy for city driving is 20 MPG. Thank you for your input.

Tom Andries

when was the last tune up done? Plugs, wires, air filter, fuel filter, etc.

How much junk is in your truck? (your car, not you personally)

How is the air pressure in your tires?

is your accelerator foot heavier than your left foot?

it’s cold out, how long do you let your car warm up before you drive it in the morning?

A stuck thermostat can cause a drop in fuel mileage.

Try replacing the thermostat.


The lists above are good. I’ll add checking for a dragging brake, which you can do by carefully seeing if one wheel is much hotter than the one on the other side after a drive.

This condition has existed since I got the vehicle over 10 years ago, facing all the temperature extremes imaginable. But, to answer your questions, last tune up was a couple months ago, in the trunk (you meant trunk, not truck, right?) is a spare tire, a cargo net with a few empty totes, a power dome, a lug wrench, jumper cables and a first aid/emergency roadside kit, tire pressure is 33 psi, and both my lower extremities are feather-feet.

New thermostat 3 months ago.


How about the coolant temp sensor for the computer?

If this sensor is telling the computer that the coolant never reaches operating temperature when it actually does, the computer will think the engine is cold and run the engine rich using more fuel.


Thanks, I will get that checked. Sounds like a good possibility.

Based on this alone, I have to conclude the problem is where and how you drive. Any mechanical issue that would cause this would not have existed for 10 years, it would have degraded the mileage further by damaging something in or on the car.

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What does this thing get on the highway ?

How long is your average trip? if it is a mile and a half, that is the kind of mileage I would expect. Jack up one wheel at a time, do they all spin freely?