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Question on pricing Ford e250 quiqley conversion vans

Hi, I’m new here and don’t know all of the rules so I’ll proceed hoping I don’t break any of them.

I am looking at a one-owner 2001 FE250 Quigley 4x4 conversion van with 75K miles and slight rust issues on the undercarraige frame and lower radiator supports. Otherwise it’s in great condition.

How do I search online to find the true market value and what others are paying for like 4x4 vans?

I’m not going to say what the asking rice is, but opinions would be helpful if allowed and thanks in advance!

No such thing as slight rust . Rust is like an iceberg , you can only see a third of it. Pass on this and keep looking.

I live in MN. For what I was planning to spend ($10K) I’m going to find rust issues on any vehicle I buy for that price. The question is am I willing to pay 50% more for the 4x4 upgrade on a low mileage one-owner vehicle. I’m replacing a 16 y/o xtrerra (with lots of rust and dying catalytic converters) with a vehicle for my work (self-employed) and to use for travel (road/camping trips). The place selling it told me it would be $2K to replace the radiator supports and sandblast and re coat the undercarriage. He said if he doesn’t sell it by early winter he’ll do that work over the winter and sell it in the spring for $20k. ???