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Is the price right

Hi im tryin to find a good vehicle.I just checked out a 2000 ford e150 millenia luxury conversion van. One with a triton v8 power everything,leather,great stereo system,tv set up,and 97.000 miles.It has lots of paint chippin off the roof,also some spotty chips also,a little rust in the rear wheels,looks descent inside.The price says 8000$ dollars!! Im not sure if thats a good price? No i did not start it up yet but i wanna know if the price is right or wrong and the tires have about 5000 miles left on them. If someone can give me guidance on the best course of action to take here including what to look or hear for.Id really appreciate it THANKS GOD BLESS!! SMILEYGUY!!

Do your homework:


thanks twotone. I did go on a couple of those sites and the e150 millenia never showed up! Neither did the triton v8. in other words i could’nt find a van that resembled it.I will check out the other sites you gave thank you…

This thing might really be consider an RV. You should be able to find some “value” numbers somewhere. I prefer

I think $8,000 is WAY too much. Rust in the rear wheel wells could be significant when you really check out how much of an area is rusted. The market for these types of vehicles is very soft right now, they get horrible gas mileage.

If you consider it, you must get a mechanic to do a good pre-sale inspection. These motors work hard hauling this heavy vehicle around. The transmission works hard too.

$2500 sounds more reasonable for a van with serious issues. Rust = car cancer!

thank you uncle turbo,and mleich!! Both of you gave good advice. I did check out rv. Nothing!! Someone suggested the van was custom made!! But i just wanted to thank you guys for giving me a good honest opinion!! GOD BLESS U BOTH!!

It sounds way overpriced to me and the rear wheel rust is definitely something to be concerned about.
The biggest part of the rust may not be visible without getting underneath, pulling wheels, etc. and even then one may not really know. People have been known to pressure spray the loose stuff off and cover the remainder with paint or undercoating. This will not stop the spread of rust cancer.

I’ve had very good luck with Check the fluids and smell them too (don’t huff the gas) what I mean is see if they smell burnt. Feel how it idles. don’t be afraid of revving it to see if any stumbles or hesitations occur. My dad got on me once for doing that, I think he was embarrassed in front of the dealer. I explained that if I’m pulling out in rush hour traffic, I need to know if it’ll go.

I once tried to look at a Mazda 929. The kid met me there. I looked it over. I popped the hood and started checking and smelling fluids. Then I tried to open radiator cap. He asked what I’m doing and I said that I’m checking fluids to see if it’s been neglected or whatnot. Then I tried to open radiator cap and it almost flew out of my hands. I looked at him and asked if he warmed it up. (it was sitting in a parking lot next to main street) he said yeah it’s a little hard to start. Couldn’t hardly get key in our out of ignition. I just told him to forget it and that it looks suspicious when you warm it up prior to arrival of potential buyer.

Good luck. Follow gut instinct and decide if you really need a van like this or one this big. I actually drive a E350 at work and it’s a blast.

Take care