2000 Ford E150 - Undercarriage Rust

I have had this truck for 15/16yrs. It has about 107K miles on it. At the last inspection I was told that this may be the last year it would pass because of rust under the passenger floor board and in body supports. I haven’t had any major repairs needed other than the rear end rebuilt about 6yrs ago. I don’t put many miles on the truck now because of retirement. It is 2WD so no four wheeling. The question is if its worth getting some body work done to pass the next inspection or bite the bullet and start looking for another truck. If so, I’m thinking of going for a midsize truck.

Rust repair is never easy, cheap or long-lasting. Trade the truck in on something newer. It will get auctioned off to another state that has no inspections.

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Have you taken it to a body shop for an opinion and an estimate? I do think that most likely any repair work won’t be cost-effective because it’s not likely to last. After 19 years, you’ve gotten your money’s worth, so it’s reasonable to replace the truck.

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Agreed. If you could do your own work, it is relatively cheap, but having it done gets expensive.

Buying a new car/truck can be fun. The new Ranger is ranked as a compact truck but it dwarfs my old '94. You might like the Toyota Tacoma or Honda Ridgeline. I find it odd the Jeep Gladiator ranks higher than Tacoma in some ratings. It is an untested platform. Though I like its looks, I give new models a pass until they’ve proven themselves.