How to fix these tiny paint chips front bumper?

It looks like some paint chips due to highway driving. Probably small dirt/rocks/salt from the road hitting the front of the car. You can feel they are indented a little in the paint and came off.

Any idea good options to fix this? I had searched and found that you can use like a sharpie or some marker to essentially just fill them in. Do we need to just get it re painted or fixed somehow? Any ideas are helpful, thank you very much in advance

A repaint by a body shop could be as much as 500.00 or even more depending where you are . And you will just have the same problem again . I guess you might tape off and cover everything else . Then lightly sand and rattle can spray it but then that might not look right to you .

They make this product.

It’s not cheap.

But it’s cheaper than a paint job.


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I recently had to paint a small area on a car and used I chose spray paint cans, but they also have paint pens and bottles.

I’m not a painter. Lots of “how to” help on their website.

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Let me second the Dr Color Chip product. It is perfect for this.

It’s difficult to avoid ending up with a two-tone paint with touch-up methods. May match at first, but the newly applied paint will fade faster than the existing paint. Sometimes the best compromise is to accept the imperfection and apply a clear coat or just keep the area well-waxed to prevent corrosion.

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Not sure just how much a Plastic bumper cover will corrode .


Even if corrosion isn’t an issue, clear coat or wax will help fill-in the nicks & improve the appearance. I’ve even used clear finger-nail paint successfully for small nicks. Were I in that position and wanted to repair the problem with paint, I’d probably repaint the entire bumper, removing it from the vehicle first.

Isn’t that glass I see in the photo? How could the bumper be so near glass? Or is that the headlight?

Maybe try a small area first - whoever had my car before I did, smeared touch up paint all over every scratch and gouge they made. I’m pretty convinced it would have looked better to do nothing. And worse, people who see my car now think I’m the one that scratched and dented it and then sucked at touching it up.

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