Question on 2012 Ford Escape

I bought a nice little Ford Escape and I love it. I noticed when I open or shut my right side back door there is a sloshing sound like water? I thought that was really weird. I tried my other doors and it is the only one doing this. No holes, no leaks that I can find or see there. So what on earth would cause such a thing to occur? Can it have water in it somewhere and I am not finding it?? It is the opposite side to the gas tank. TY if you have any ideas on this one. :face_with_raised_eyebrow: Just occurred to me right now…the water tank for back window is in the back. Could that be it??

Look along the bottom edge of the door, there should be drain holes. They might have a rubber cap that acts as a one way valve, these might be clogged.


The window seals must allow the window to move up and down and therefore can’t keep all the rain water out, some rain water always goes inside the doors. That water is supposed to drain out through small drain holes in the bottom of the door. As posted above, those can get clogged. I have to clean the door drains on my truck every 2-3 years.

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TY so much for these replies. I will check that out tomorrow. I Had no idea about this. Thanks again, Carol.

You can use a toothpick to clean those holes. While at it, run water on all the windows and make sure all the drains are clear.

It’s a good thing you caught it. Water in a door can rust it out and/or ruin the door panel. It’s a good idea to check them every year.

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Guess What? Darned if I could see any drain holes? So I took it to the small village garage that does all our work. They are very good and friends to boot. Well Brian the owner took a look, and said he had the same trouble with his Escape as he has one. Apparently they are nothing but slit like spots on inside bottom of the door just above the bottom seam. Well on that door they were both never unsealed. He opened them up and you should have seen the water drain out. Wow! He checked all the doors and one drain on the other side was never opened either. A fellow that worked for Ford was there and said he was not surprised and mostly likely they were sealed and painted over. I was very relieved to have that fixed. You guys sure helped me get this figured out as well.

If you can mark this as Solved and also deliver a box of donuts to the shop.

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May I have one jelly and one Boston cream please?

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I’m glad it worked for you. I didn’t realize they had to be
unsealed (factory) but I have heard of undercoating dudes applying
it thick enough block the drains. Hopefully they also checked the
other drains. There are usually some on rocker panels and maybe
fenders. They are easily reached when the car is on a rack, but
can be done in a driveway.

  Now that you know, you can run a toothpick thru them every couple

years, to make sure they remain open.

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It is solved but not sure how to do that. I gave all the workers there (3) certificates for free coffees. Brian the owner, used a screw driver when he checked and opened mine and did it on all doors. No sloshing around there now. Thanks to all and wish I could send you real donuts. Hugs, Carol. PS Just figured out how to mark solved.

Good for you. I own a 50 year old truck, and back in those days the manufacturer recommended holes be drilled in the floor pan to drain away water that accumulates under the mats from leaks … lol …

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